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The official fan club and forum for the 1990s sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances' - now approved by writer - Roy Clarke and director/producer - Harold Snoad
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Shirley Stelfox - Rose
Shirley Stelfox played the part of 'Rose' in series 1, she is widely regarded by fans as the more aggressive and less loving 'Rose'.
Shirley Stelfox (born 11 April 1941) is an English actress, currently best known as busybody Edna Birch in the ITV soap Emmerdale since 2000.
She is also known for playing the first "Rose" in Keeping Up Appearances. She was later replaced by the late Mary Millar. She has appeared in several other well known television series including Making Out, Juliet Bravo, Coronation Street, The Bill, and Crossroads. She also played Jane Healy, Melanie Healy's mother, in an episode of EastEnders, and as the mother of Julie Walters and Victoria Wood in the TV movie Pat and Margaret (1994).
She played the role of the "$2.00 Prostitute" in 1984, a movie adaptation of the George Orwell novel, starring John Hurt and Richard Burton.
She was married to the actor Don Henderson until his death in 1997.
1990 -Keeping Up Appearances - Rose
2000–present - Emmerdale - Edna Birch

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